Selling a car without a registration or title

Selling a car without a registration or title

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Keeping a junk car is of no use. It will only take up room in your home or driveway, collecting dust and getting rusty. Instead, selling it and getting some cash out of it is better. With so many junk yards available in NJ, claiming We buy Used Cars jersey city“, it’s pretty good to sell your junk car. 

Selling a junk car is less work than owning a new one. It’s just that you need to keep its documentation correct. But since it’s a junk car, it might be possible to miss any documents. Suppose you don’t have a car registration but want to sell it then what do you do? Can you still sell it? 

We will understand it better in this blog. 👇

Can I Sell My Unregistered Junk Car?

You can, of course, sell your car even if it is unregistered. Vehicle registration is for those cars driven on roads, But if your car is not drivable anymore and is nothing more than junk, then you do not need the registration.

 But you need to keep a few points in mind like you are not allowed to leave the vehicle in any public place, and when you sell it, it has to be towed as it doesn’t have a registration to drive to the junkyard.

 There’s a difference between car registration and title. A car title is a legal document you get while purchasing the car that proves the car’s ownership. So if you have your car title, it demonstrates your ownership to sell the vehicle, and if you have the car registration, you are eligible to drive the car on the streets.

 You can sell your junk car even if you don’t have the registration, but if you don’t have the title, you must take out a duplicate one. This is because while selling the car to someone, you have to transfer the car’s ownership.

Can I sell my car with an expired registration? 

If you are worried that your registration has expired and you want to sell your car, then let us inform you that you can still sell it. All you need is the car title to transfer the ownership to the buyer and complete the procedure. 

There are many junk yards, scrap yards and salvage yards available, you can contact them, and they will readily make an offer. They look for such cars to buy despite any condition. Many of them offer the best price that’s going on in the market at that time. They even pay well for the scraps. You can contact any direct buyer. However, the offer may need to be better or as per your expectation.

Which is more critical while selling the car- the title or the registration?

The title is more important while selling the car as it proves ownership. However, if you still need to complete the title, you can verify the ownership with the license or the registration. But if you don’t have any of them, you can use the Vehicle identification number and license to sell your car.


So, if your car is unregistered, don’t worry you can still get cash for junk cars in fort lee. Having your title is enough for a seamless transaction. Contact any junkyard nearby to sell your used car; they will visit and inspect your vehicle and make an offer. You can make the deal if it seems all good for you.


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