When should I junk my used car?

When should I junk my used car?

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Vehicles are a part of our life; we need them for transportation. But after all, they are machines and need maintenance from time to time. Maintaining a car when you need constant repair becomes expensive, so you decide to sell it. But is it time to ‘Junk my car in Garfield‘, or can you still use it? 

Here’s giving you reasons how to decide when to junk your vehicle:

The car’s repair is costing too much. 

If you visit the garage more often and see your mechanic more, it’s time to junk your car. Sometimes the engine needs to be fixed, and sometimes the transmission, and you may be spending a lot on repairing them. Also, broken windows, torn seats or faulty brakes need fixing from time to time. If you spend too much money on improving the car’s different parts, it’s better to sell it to a junkyard.

You are planning to upgrade your car. 

Machines upgrade with time. The car you bought in the ’90s seems quite old in 2022. Moreover, when you see those shiny new cars, you feel like upgrading your one too. But what to do with the current one? It depends on the car’s condition; if it is too old and has worn out a lot but has parts that work perfectly fine, you can sell it to the junkyard. Keeping your old car means only missing out on the deals on new vehicles. So, it’s better to junk the old one and get some cash instead of investing in a new one.

You don’t feel safe driving it anymore.

Is it too long since you purchased your car? Has it stopped quite a few times while you were driving? Did you ever feel that your car might collapse at any time? If you think your vehicle is not for driving anymore and can lead to an accident anytime, it’s time to junk the car.  

It is not only about driving a car and obeying the safety traffic rules but also about driving a safe one that will not cause you a problem. You need to check a couple of things to see if your car is safe enough or not to drive.

  • Are there seatbelts in the car? If yes, are they working
  • Are the brakes working correctly, or do they need any servicing
  • Does the vehicle have airbags, and do they work finely
  • Do your airbags still work?
  • How about the tires? Are they firmly in place?

If the answers to the above questions are no, then the car is not safe enough. So it’s better you sell it to a junkyard instead of putting your life in danger. You can get some good money and invest in a new and better one instead.

Saving the environment from hazards

When you have a car that needs to be fixed, it does nothing but sits in a place. It can cause a substantial environmental hazard. It may start leaking harmful chemicals that will get mixed into the ground and our water. It’s a significant threat to one’s health. Therefore, it is better to sell it to a junkyard instead. You will save the environment and get rid of the old car simultaneously.

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