Steps to Sell Your Car: Tips for a Hassle-Free Transaction

Steps to Sell Your Car: Tips for a Hassle-Free Transaction

Sell Your Car for High Dollar Cash in NJ

If you have a damaged car, then probably you are finding ways to get rid of it. Old dented car is nothing but an eyesore that occupies space in your backyard or garage. Repairing it makes no sense and keeping it ideal for a long time is only allowing pests to make it their home. So, what is the solution? When you have a junk car, it is better to get cash for the car. Junkyards buy all types of cars, even if your car is in terrible shape, a good junkyard will understand its value and offer the price accordingly. 

So, if you also have a junk car then this blog will help you. We will be telling you the process of selling your junk car.

Contact Salvage Yards

The first step to sell your junk car is contacting your nearest junkyards and getting their quotes. You can search online Sell my junk car and get lots of options. Getting quotes from various junkyards will help you to identify which one is making you a better offer, and decide which one sells the car.

For that you need to provide some information to the junkyard about your car like the VIN, number of miles on the odometer so that you get the best price for your car. Generally junk yards offer free towing services and pick up the car from your place once the deal gets final. So, you need to make sure while contacting them whether you are getting it or not or else you will have to pay for it.

Verify Junk Yard Licenses and other certificates

The next step is to verify the license and certificates of the junkyard you have chosen to sell your car. This is important because a responsible junkyard will dispose of the car properly. If you have any random junkyard then there are possibilities that they will not dispose of each and every part of the car and thereby causing harm to the environment. There may also be legal issues arising because of it. When a junkyard has a proper license, they ensure that the ownership is transferred correctly and in future you are not liable for anything that happens to the car.

Select your junkyard and accept the offer to sell the car

Next, you need to finalize the junkyard you want to sell your car and accept their offer. You can go ahead with the one that’s making the maximum offer and giving you free towing services. That way it makes a good business. 

Arrange for the junk car removal

The next thing to do is to make arrangements to remove the car. When the deal is final between you and the buyer, the junk car buyer needs to pick the car from your place which usually is between 24 to 48 hours. Sometimes the buyer gets the towing service and sometimes the seller needs to do it by themselves. It all depends on the agreement made while finalizing the offer.

Set all the paperworks

While selling the car to a junkyard, you need to transfer its ownership to the buyer, for that you need the car title which proves that you are the owner of the car. Sometimes, you may get an option to sell the car without paperwork but then you are receiving less money. In case you lose the car’s title you can get a duplicate one at the local motor department. If the junkyard asks you for any other document make sure you keep it handy with you. This will make you free once you sell the car and it is taken from your place.

Receive the amount and sell the junk car

Finally, the buyer will give you the amount and take hold of the car. They may pay by check, cash or any online transaction. Like we mentioned earlier, the towing can be done by the buyer or the seller depending on their mutual agreement. If the car is in drivable condition, then you can drive it till the junkyard but for that if need to have your car registration. 

So, this is how to sell a junk car but if you don’t want to sell your car then you can give it to your other family member. There are also NGOs who accept junk cars as charity; you can give it to them. You can apply for tax redemption by donating your junk car to these NGOs which can be worth more than you have got by selling it. You can also sell your junk car to a dealer depending on its condition when you are opting to get a new one. It will reduce the amount of the new car by deducting the junk car value from the total amount.

It’s all how you want to junk your car but one thing that you need to make sure that it should cause harm to the environment and is done responsibly.

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